Congrats to all of our Spring 2017 award nominees and all stars!

Coach of the Year

Krista Hewes (Dymond Gurlz)- Over the past 13 years Krista has been a dedicated coach who has consistently brought on new players many who have never played before and taught them to love the game which has helped to build up the league. This year has been the strongest year yet and she helped to build a team of not only quality players but also a team of character who are always fun and respectful. Her players continue to stay loyal to their team due to her welcoming and inclusive spirit. Over the past 13 years she has grown so much not only as a coach but as a person and the growth in her team reflects her hard work and dedication.

Nic Greer (Sons of Pitches) – Started his own team and has dedicated his time to the team and his league. A positive energy on and off the field!

Monica Halter (Free Agents)– This is her 2nd year coaching and Halter has truly grown as a coach so much in 1 year. Her leadership skills have truly developed. Everything that you would expect from a coach of the year is what she brings. She is encouraging, trustworthy, communicates regularly with us through emails and she has an awesome attitude. She also loves this league. It’s not just about our team. She is a coach in a league that she loves and that includes all teams that play here. I’m sure you have seen her socializing with every team at some point. Monica Halter deserves Fairmount Park Women’s Softball league coach of the year because she doesn’t just love to coach our team, she loves being a coach in such a great league

April Tvarok (Peaches) – has lead the team with positivity and grace. Stepping up into the head coach position this year, she has shown her leadership skills and her true love for the game. Having great communication amongst teammates on and off the field has lead to a fun-filled and action packed season for the entire team.

Jade Gasper (Misfits)– 2 nominations-We call ourselves a family, because Jade has helped us to create that. No matter what our backgrounds, differences, ages, Jade has found a way to mesh us together, creating a bond that stretches far beyond the diamond. Jade is the most supportive coach that many of us have had (including those of us who have played competitively all of our lives). Her dedication to the Misfits over the past 4 years has been insurmountable. Her overall demeanor, creates a welcoming, fun and competitive atmosphere. She has patience and control and keeps us on task, especially when we are being true misfits. The Misfits look up to her immensely, giving her their respect as a coach, a teammate, a friend, a counselor, a nurse and a mom. She gives 100% of herself to the team and the game and I can’t imagine playing for someone with more drive, knowledge, integrity and guts than her.

She coaches by example, with a firm but gentle hand. She is a leader and friend on and off the field. Jade encourages all of her players to laugh and be their best self, while remembering to have fun, win or lose and regardless of experience or skill set. She takes the time to listen, gets to know everyone and is respectable and fair. Her enjoyment of the game shines through in her coaching, playing and friendly attitude.

Jade is competitive in nature yet shows compassion to the team, individuals, teammates families, opponents and anyone around her. As players, we’ve learned so much about the sport of softball, slow-pitch and ourselves as people. Utilizing her knowledge and skill of the game, she has helped even the least experienced players on our team improve each time they come to the field. Additionally, she’s quick to help out the other teams too when needed and shows extreme sportsmanship in competition. She constantly boosts our morale and we trust her to always have our backs on and off the field. Most of all, she is a leader and understand the importance of setting a good example. She’s also as great player. This year, knowing we needed a pitcher, Jade taught herself how to do it, so she could step in. She even dedicated herself to an aggressive physical therapy program on her own after her ACL surgery that got her back on the field 4 months early so that she could help the team. She will step in whatever position she is needed, and step out as well, to give other players more time to play too. She has so much heart!

Whatever the team asks for, Jade delivers. She takes a lot of time out of her schedule to make sure the team stays connected. Whenever asked, she schedules practices, rents batting cages, spends 1-on-1 time, fields phone calls for therapy sessions and implements the importance of “just having a fun game” by being innovative in her approach to coaching. Jade is extremely unselfish when it comes to the sport of softball. Not only does she take time out of her crazy schedule to coach a bunch of “misfits” but she makes the effort to always be there when we need her.

Liz Klakowicz (LOLs)- Even though she already won, we figured… screw it. At some point everyone will have won and dammit its liz’s turn again. She is the best coach because of her jorts and she always brings her dates to the games. Not only is she entertaining … she wears deodorant more than half the time. Does your coach? Nuff said.

Julie (ScrewBalls)- For this nomination, we would like to expand beyond the traditional head coach of the team to consider one of our of many lead players that keep the Screwballs running. Julie is a steady presence on the team and we rely on her on-field coaching to keep each and every play organized. She often can be heard helping other players tighten up their batting form. She goes out to coach third base whenever she can and is always encouraging of all our players. Her skill and experience are apparent, but that never keeps her from wanting to learn from mistakes and improve for the next game. Julie is new to the Screwballs this year and has been an extremely dependable player. She is dedicated to the team and executes her usual on-field position of shortstop with precision. We all appreciate her focus and positive energy. Please vote for Julie!

Susan Zawislak (Twisted Sistas)– Susan has been involved in FPWSL for many years. Over these years, she has been a player, teammate, board member and coach. She is knowledgeable of the game, rules and respectful to everyone both on and off the fields. She’s fair and demonstrates good sportsmanship. Susan is positive, enthusiastic, encouraging and makes the game fun.

Player of the Year

Ashley Tarloski (Dymond Gurlz)– Ashley has truely grown as a player. She is an extremely versatile athlete and is always willing to step up a do or play wherever is needed. She is consistently a strong player and supportive teammate. She also has step up and is learning to become also a strong coach and assisting in whatever was needed on the team this year and will most likely be the future coach of the Dymond Gurlz. She is not only a great player but a woman of great character and truly deserves this award.

Rosie Sparkes (Sons of Pitches)– a player that had to google what softball was LESS THAN a year ago. She has had an extraordinary season, with getting on base and fielding the ball. I’ve never seen someone pick up the sport so quickly, but it wasn’t without a lot of practices during the off season! Her dedication and commitment adds a great energy to our team! I couldn’t think of a better player to nominate for player of the year!

Kim Howes (Free Agents)– Most of us know and admire Kim Howes. She has been a player in this league for 25 years. She has also been an all star almost every season. She is not only a gifted athlete, but also a person of integrity and good sportsmanship on and off the field. Kim is well known and respected by just about everyone in the league, and if anyone deserves “player of the year” after a quarter of a century of her participation in the FPWSL, Kim does!

Lizzy Schmitt (Peaches)– Lizzy is the last of the original Peaches. She has been the Peaches leadoff hitter for numerous seasons now because she knows exactly what to do in order to get on base. Lizzy is one of the most kind-hearted and friendly and selfless players in the league. Every year Lizzy improves and gets better and better as a player. She is always willing to take herself out of a game so that other players will get playing time. Lizzy is what it means to be a Peach.

Marilyn Figueroa (Misfits)- Mar is a dedicated team player who embodies all of what sportsmanship, leadership and motivation are about. She always shows a positive attitude and plays in any condition or situation without complaint. She’s not only supportive of all of her teammates, but she’s always supportive of the teammates of the opponents when we play them as well, offering encouragement, kudos and motivating words to them as well. The best word for Mar is welcoming, whether its new players, fans, other team’s players, you name it. You always feel welcome and no judgement around Mar. She’s exceptionally loyal and one of the best well-rounded athletes around. Mar has a challenging life and juggles a lot of balls, but she always has a smile on and makes you laugh. She gives 100% on and off the field without bringing anyone else down. Her all-around personality makes the game competitive and fun.

Connie (SWAT) – she is willing to play anywhere she is needed. She is a high spirited player who will help any player out! She is a huge asset to SWAT!

Chelsey (Screwballs)– Chelsey is not only a great player, but she is an incredible teammate. She base coaches, lugs equipment and water, and always has a smile to offer. On the field, she is versatile and will be happy playing any position that will help the team. Frequently we have no dedicated scorekeeper and she quietly comes in from the field and picks up the book and keeps score. Chelsey is a tremendous help with team organization and is a friendly teammate to all. Please vote for Chelsey!

Alexais Morgan (Twisted Sistas)– Alexais is a very team oriented player who continually offers encouragement and support to her teammates. She arrives at the field, puts on her knee brace and is ready to play. She might be shorter than some players, but she hustles, stretches, scoops and catches the balls thrown anywhere near her. She’s very quiet but has a huge presence on the field. She has the ability to make you smile whenever you are near her. Most games you will see her at 1st base but she will play anywhere she is needed. In tough situations, you can count on her to come up with key plays and big hits. Most recently, she came through with a clutch hit when the ACTION 6 News team was filming. Her hit, which was seen on the news, scored a couple runs that gave us the lead in that game. She is a wonderful ball player and person. We all love having her as our Sista! We hope you will give her your vote and make her “2017 FPWSL Player of the Year.”

Rachel (LOLz)– Great attitude. Way better than the rest of the team but doesn’t rub our faces in it too much. Never angry like Amanda Brown.

Score Keeper of the Year

Carina (LOLs)- 3 nominations- The all-team score keeper! I’ve seen her scorekeep for 3 teams and she loves it every time!

Carina is the most dedicated scorekeeper! She is always so focused on making sure that she is recording each play, batter, out and inning. She is complete and total business during the game. And goodness knows the LOLz need someone keeping track of things! If not for Carina, I would hate to see what Liz would do with the scorekeeping aspect of team management. Additionally, I have personally seen and heard Carina take her own time to train several players from other teams on exactly how to keep score correctly. She frequently assists when the opposing team is lacking their own dedicated scorekeeper. She always is available for questions and is very helpful. Please vote for Carina!!!!

Everyone on our team nominated Carina. It was a Uranus vote. No other score keeper has bigger…. ya know… “passions” at/for the game. She has earned it after 3 or 4 or 5 years of dealing with a never ending losing team. Why even keep score? Because its all ol’ girl lives for.

Val Quackenbush “Quack” (Twisted Sistas)- 2 nominations- Val’s been with Twisted Sistas since we started our team in 2011. She’s been keeping score for us since a car accident impacted her life a couple years ago. She brings humor, experience and knowledge of the game. She’s also very respectful with communicating any concerns regarding rules and batting order with the other teams. She keeps our players and umps aware of the batting order, outs, innings and score. The last couple of years she has been very helpful with making the lineup as well as keeping the book. We are all very grateful and happy that she is a Sista!

Linda Ziman (Free Agents)

Alison Coleman (Misfits)– We call Alison a quiet but deadly force. She is a professional and always keeps her composure. She is very attentive to the game and players. She’s got the utmost command for the rules of softball and as a veteran of FPWSL who no longer chooses to play, she truly loves being able to be a part of the game through score keeping. Whenever you need anything, Alison is always there. She’s dedicated to the team and takes her job very seriously. She serves as an assistant coach a lot of the time, which has been extremely helpful to keeping things organized and keeping the game flowing when Coach also plays in the game. Alison makes sure we all stay in line and is always one step ahead of the game. She yells the plays, keeps us in order in the lineup and stays on top of the other team and umpires. Overall, she has a great attitude, dedication and is a crucial element to our team.

Stacey Murray (SWAT) – she originally started as a cheerleader for SWAT! And ended up taking over the books for us when we needed her! She’s our favorite scorekeeper!

Dymond Gurlz- they don’t have a scorekeeper, but want to thank all of the scorekeepers who have helped them this year!

All Stars

Dymond Gurlz: Steph, Caron, Alex

Free Agents: Eva Dougherty, Maggie Dooner, Teresa Barone

LOLs: Canada aka Britt, Rachel Wolford, Chelsea Spizza

Misfits: Sharkey (Selina Santillo), Marilyn Figueroa, Jessica Hartman

Peaches: Sharon, Gina, Elaine

Screwballs: Jess, Julie, Myra

Sons of Pitches: Lauren Iannotte, Melissa Puleo, Sam Cirulis

SWAT: Connie, Dawn DeRose, Evie

Twisted Sistas: Alexais Morgan, Emma DeGennaro, Steph Jamerson