Nominees and All-Stars

Congrats to all of our all-stars and end of year nominees!

Coaches:you will be receiving an email with a link to vote anonymously. Each team should fill out one voting form which will allow for (and require) two votes for each category. Voting will close on Tuesday July 10th at midnight.

Coach of the Year

Jane Spreckley & Donna Williams (Twisted) – Jane and Donna stepped up this year to co-coach the Sistas since Susan stepped away from her coaching role. They have maintained a consistency for the team to continue another successful year in FPWSL.

Monica Halter (Free Agents)

April Tvarok (Peaches) – April lives and breathes the game of softball. She puts her heart and soul into every lineup, checking in with her most experienced players about tough lineups. She will always put other players first when it comes to playing. She has also made many sacrifices this season in her personal life in order to avoid a forfeit. April’s ongoing communication with the team has kept them together through a season that has brought injury and family deaths to the team. The Peaches are like a family to April and she just wants us to have fun on the field!

Jade Gasper (Misfits)4 nominations- Coach Jade “Rocket” Gasper is resilient and respected. Battling injuries, she has taken a position that needed filling and one she was really uncomfortable with, and became awesome at it. She is an exceptional person and above all, a strong leader who is supportive, nurturing and energetic.

Coaching and playing at the same time isn’t easy, but she makes it look like a piece of cake. She is fair and honest. She’s not afraid to be tough when we need it and in doing so, she has turned women who have never played the game before into ball players and has made those of us who have played into even better ones. She has shown the team that every single player has an important role on the team.

Jade comes to the field armed with killer lineups to give all her teammates playing time regardless of skill. She has so much heart. It shows on and off the field to her teammates and opponents. She keeps emotional balance on a very passionate team and picks everyone up. There is no other coach that can pull a team together with so many personalities and skills to perform at the level that she has.

Jade finds the best in everyone and has always been willing to put in the extra hours and efforts to help anyone who wants to learn more about the game or become a better ball player. It takes a special coach to lead a team and have as much fun as we do while still being so competitive.

Jade is our Mama Bear. Every single person on our team can go to Jade and she will 100% be there for you. She is always so fun and patient with us. We all love being on her team and that shows in the family we’ve built on and off the field, which can strongly be attributed to her and her efforts.

She deserves this honor and has earned it many times over. This year, Coach of the Year needs to be Jade Gasper.

-Jade is very respectful not only as a player, but as a coach as well. Jade always plays all players that arrive to each Misfits game. She is a positive coach and full of positive energy.

-cause she so guda

Jess (ScrewBalls)- For being so supportive and being patient and working hard to make our team cohesive since we always have new players and have to relearn how to play together every season.

– Jess is always motivating and encouraging the team even when we don’t have a good game.

– The culture of a team is more important that the record, and the culture starts with the coach. Every week the players on our team say that this is their favorite part of their week. Jessica inspires us and pushes us to be better week in and week out. She keeps us all organized (which is a challenge within itself), and creates an environment where everyone feels included. Every player gets playing time, and no one is ever left out, regardless of skill level. The most important thing has always been showing up and giving your best effort. I can’t think of a more deserving coach for the honor of coach of the year. She makes us all proud to be Screwballs

Player of the Year (This award is given to the player who most embodies the values of the league, both on and off the field. They exhibit sportsmanship, are a dedicated teammate, and represent the unique combination of kindness, competitiveness, and inclusively that is the hallmark of our league.)

Rosie Sparkes (Sons of Pitches)– Rosie joined our league and immediately became all that our league encompasses. After a year of playing she decided to step up and join the board. I don’t know what the Sons of Pitches would be without Rosie and I wouldn’t want to know what the league would be without her. Thank you Rosie for all you’ve done, it’s been so fun watching you learn the game of the softball!

Eva (Free Agents)

Deb Kennedy (DK) 1st baseman, (Peaches) DK is a true leader on and off the field. Her many years of experience playing the games allows her to help guide our younger players. DK is always a team player and no matter how the game is going, she always has a positive attitude. The Peaches wouldn’t be the Peaches without DK holding down first base and making the scoops that she does!

Alisha Gasper (Misfits) (also known as “The Dad” to the Misfits). I nominate her because she is so positive and committed to the sport and camaraderie of the team. She picks players up when they’re down (even if opponents) and smacks you in the head when you need it. She’s a great player and versatile. She will give advice, is fair, and helpful. She’s certainly a strong force for the Misfits and a critical part of our squad.

Alisha is an leader on and off the field, an exceptional athlete and no matter what the situation, is ready to tackle it. Most importantly, she knows how to stay calm, have a good time and get the team laughing because after all, we’re all here to have a good time.

Claudia Casavecchia (SWAT) – Claudia comes to every game with positive energy that she rubs off to others. She strives to be a better player each year and shows other teammates how to better their bats/fielding.

Chelsey Geiger (Screwballs)– Chelsey is the definition of a team player. She comes to every game and gives her all, no matter what position on the field. She helps keep the team organized, and is always there to lend a hand no matter what the team needs – base coaching, carrying equipment or training scorekeepers. She is very welcoming to new players, and is always there to cheer on every player on our team with a smile.

Amanda Andersen (Twisted) – Amanda always comes to the field ready to play with a smile. She picks everyone up and genuinely loves the game. I have never seen her get upset no matter what’s happening on the field. It’s always great to play with her because no matter what she just comes out to have fun.

Amanda has become friends with many people throughout the league and is always interested in watching games, attending events, and becoming a better player.

Erin Marin (LOLz)

Score Keeper of the Year

Carina (LOLs)- Carina. Every year. All year. Nuff Said. #carina4eva

Val Quackenbush “Quack” (Twisted Sistas)- Val is a great and important part of our team. She keeps the Sistas in check and helps us to improve our game!

Jen (Free Agents)

Alison Coleman (Misfits)- 2 nominations-is a score-keeping ninja for the Misfits. She’s completely committed to the team, the game and the league. She knows the game in and out and does an excellent job serving as an assistant coach in the dugout. She always “shows up” and is a critical element to the team.

As a scorekeeper, Ali is always on her game and is fair and honest, often helping the other teams when needed. Everyone knows if there’s an “official” question or substitution that Ali is on it!

Allison goes beyond just keeping score for our team. She pays attention to everything that happens on the field and catches errors that we wouldn’t otherwise notice. Allison also brings great energy to the team and always has a positive attitude.

-very professional and friendly when talking to the other team. She does a great job!

Stacey Froystad (SWAT) -Stacey comes to every game possible. She supports and cheers on the SWAT team and gives positive energy to the team.

Stephanie (Screwballs)– Stephanie really took on the responsibility of keeping the team organized and keeping an accurate scorebook. She pays quiet attention to every play and diligently records the score. She is always on top of the batting order and is never rattled when abruptly (and loudly) asked difficult questions like “what inning is it?” and “how many do they have on us?”. She is an asset on the field as well with her discerning at-bats and is a fabulous addition to the Screwballs during this, her first, season

Mego (Sons of Pitches)

League MVP (This award is given to the player who made outstanding contributions to their team both at bat and in the field.)

Emma DeGennaro (Twisted) – Emma is always dedicated to the team and is an awesome player. It seems like every year has bat gets stronger and her outfield skills just keep getting better. Emma has become feared by many teams when she comes up to bat. She can play any position on the field, but is always willing to play where Sistas need her. Whenever she’s in the outfield, we know that she has it covered. She always has a smile and is happy whether we win or lose.

Eva (Free Agents)

Erin Rohrer (LOLz)

Gina Lech, (Left Fielder for Peaches) – Gina has only been in the league for 2 years but she has raised the bar for the Peaches. Gina lights a fire under our team’s butt and gets us going when we are down. She gives 100% at every game, hits in the clutch, and makes absolutely amazing catches in the field. What I love most about Gina is her willingness to coach the outfield and to own up when she makes mistakes. Gina is a fierce competitor and amazing player.

Sharky Santillo (Misfits)2 nomination- Sharky is an excellent player both at shortstop and when batting. Sharky is frequently heard congratulating not only her teammates, but the other teams as well on great plays. She is an all around great player on and off the field

-is an amazing player and always trying to learn more to be the best that she can be. She directs the infield and is a strong leader to the entire team. Sharkey is passionate about the sport, but equally passionate about the league and what it stands for. She is always keeping an eye out for new talent and energy to bring into the team and league.

Sharkey has your back, no matter what team you’re on and is always willing to lend a hand or advice. She is a huge part of the Misfits family. Sharkey is the player that goes above and beyond to make you feel welcome, not judge and volunteer to help whenever it is needed. On top of it all, she has a lot of heart, some of the strongest at bats, base running, and all around catches earning her some real MVP status.

Connie Roper (SWAT)– Connie comes to every game with a smile. Connie always gives helpful advice to other teammates and brings positive energy to the fields. She is a great asset to the SWAT team!

Amber Adams (Peaches)

All Stars

Free Agents: Kate, Maggie, Eva

Hit Squad: Lady, Kate, Jerri

LOLs: Molly Palmer, JD Foster, Danielle Smith

Misfits: Sharkey (Selina Santillo),Susan “Doug” Doherty, Cait Flood

Peaches: Sharon Jann, Gina Lech, Alysia Reeder

Screwballs: Jess C., Sarah, Chelsey

Sons of Pitches: Lauren, Melissa, Michelle

SWAT: Connie, Claudia, Evie

Twisted Sistas: Alexais Morgan, Emma DeGennaro, Adrienne Morris