Spring 2021 Registration

Spring 2021 registration is open as of 3/22/2021 and will remain open until 5/31/2021.

We have 7 teams playing this spring, and limited slots for new players – interested new players must contact the League Commissioner to discuss roster spot availability before registering. If FPW+SL does not have available roster slots, we will be able to direct you to other Leagues in the area.

New players should email info.fpwsl@gmail.com and provide contact details, experience levels and preferred fielding positions.

Players will be required to adhere to our COVID19 policy in order to play with us this year – masks will be required at all times, social distancing, and other health & safety requirements. Refer to our Useful Info page for links to our Covid19 Policy and Leagues Rules and Regulations. Please familiarize yourselves with the requirements to ensure safe and considerate play.

The cost of the season is $70 for 12 regular season games, plus double-elimination playoffs. The season runs 4/25/2021 through July. Games are played Fridays 6:30pm and/or Sundays 10am and/or 12pm.

Register here: https://active.leagueone.com/Olr/Pages/Welcome.aspx?ClubId=16107

How To Register Guide can be found on our Useful Info page.